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Commercial Cannabis Facilities & Greenhouses



Consulting is our premium service. This is our way of diving deep into your facility and maximize your potential. This is a complete facility audit, from seed to harvest. We have an expert staff dedicated to improving the quality of your facility. Our staff will come in, diagnose your facility and present you with our road map for a successful future. Consulting provides the owner and investors with unique access inside the facility. As a new set of eyes, we can help your company find ways to increase yield, Stream line your workflow and master every step of your process. We will work side by side with you every step of the way. No matter your needs big or small we have a host of companies lined up and ready to help you succeed. When something goes wrong, we will leverage our resources and partnerships to fix any issue. When you hire Master Grow Supply for consulting you will never be alone again. 



When you hire Master Grow Supply as advisors we will help you plan for your future success. This is not as intensive as Consulting, however it is just as valuable. This is a way to stay in constant contact with professional help. If you don't know where to go next, how to improve or just need expert advice, this is for you. We will schedule a weekly call to help diagnose your needs moving forward. Help you decide on the tough decisions your facility faces. Extractions, Branding, lighting, environment, Irrigation and planning. This is our way of providing expert advise to customers both big and small.

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