Cataloging / Planning

Commercial Cannabis Facilities & Greenhouses



Do you need a list of products you need to purchase to start, expand or upgrade? We can provide you with a catalog of everything you will need tailored to your facility. This can be a pain staking process, especially if you don't know where to start. Our complete list will make it easy to plan your budget, facility or expansion. We work with over 200+ commercial and residential brands. This allows us to give you flexible options and ensure a quality checklist. We will work with you to provide you both MSRP pricing and what you will save when buying from us. 



Would you like to hit the ground running? yes? Then planning is not an option it is essential. This is our way for us to be hands on at the start of your journey. We will provide you with a catalog of the materials required to have a successful business. We will additionally help you plan everything from your Location, Workflow, Operations, Branding, Daily checklists, Equipment and Facility layout. No matter what you need to plan for your next journey let our expert team help you along the way.

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