KIND LED X Series XD75 XD 150 Flower Bar Light




Product Details

XD75 XD150 Custom Order Only
Spectrum Vegetative or Flower Vegetative or Flower
Diodes 432 (216 per side) 864 (432 per side)
Max Wattage 75w (±5%) 150w (±5%)
Input Voltage 100-277V AC 100-277V AC
Amperage 0.625A @ 120V / 0.313A @ 240V 1.25A @ 120V / 0.625A @ 240V
Lifetime >50,000 Hours >50,000 Hours
Weight 7.5 lbs 14 lbs
Dimensions 47.4”Lx 3.1”Wx 2.3”H 94.8”Lx 3.1”Wx 2.3”H
Cord Length 6′ 6′
RMH +/-9” +/-9”
PPFD Peak (RMH) Vegetative 110 128
PPFD Peak (RMH) Flower 110 128
Warranty 3-Year 3-Year
Certifications CE, ETL, FCC, ROHS, IP65 CE, ETL, FCC, ROHS, IP65

These game-changing fixtures set a new standard in grow lighting, maximizing under canopy growth, yield, and quality. Easily connect the fixtures end to end for a rigid, stable lighting fixture that spans your entire facility.

The Flowering Bar Lights are biased on the red end of the spectrum and are great for all supplemental lighting on high light use plants that are in the Flowering stage or as standalone Flowering stage lights for average light use plants.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
KIND LED X Series XD75 XD 150 Flower Bar Light

XD75, XD150

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